Tight chains of triangular bipyramids Like

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The build with the second largest size bipyramids is made with 4860 dots, the one with the smallest bipyramids (8 of them) is made with 4992 dots (624 dots in each bipyramid frame)


  • Nanodots - 3 years ago
    I'm glad this isn't a dot guessing build. I expected there to be more dots in each frame that 624. Out of curiosity, what was the most difficult part of this build?
  • EdoTimmermans - 3 years ago
    The 624 is for each of the 8 small dipyramids. Each small dipyramid is made with 6 triangles of 104 magnets. The most difficult to make is the unit of 6 interlinked triangles that form 2 pyramids that are interlinked on top with a 60 degree angle. This is made by joining 6 suitable pentagons first, after which each pentagon is shifted into a triangle. (strictly taken these triangles are still pentagons, of which 2 edges have been made very short) To add the 6th pentagon is by far the most difficult, in particular for the smallest version where there is very little space to get an opened pentagon through the gap. In the following tutorial it is shown how to do this (with only slightly different pentagons):
  • Nanodots - 3 years ago
    Great tutorial. That definitely puts it into perspective. You're quite the magnet magician.

    Hopefully this link is clickable:
  • EdoTimmermans - 3 years ago
    Thank you :)