Sierpinski Pyramid, Curved Variation Like

by: ilikedrums Follow

Each pointed oval shape is 30 dots, the first Tetrahedra unit is 180 dots, four of them together in a small pyramid arrangement is 720 dots, and the grand total for the build is 2,880.


  • Ashley - 3 years ago
    This is staggeringly beautiful. Are they difficult to stack? How stable is this? Wow...
  • SoCalGal - 3 years ago
  • Nanodots - 3 years ago
    Amazing job. Definitely going to Tweet and Pinterest this :)
  • ilikedrums - 3 years ago
    Thank you everyone! They aren't too difficult to stack up to this level, it has certain strengths, and some weak spots. The whole tetrahedron could be very carefully picked up and turned to put it back down on a different face, but in the wrong hands, attempting any major movement could easily be destructive.