Twin Towers of Gyro Like

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  • Ashley - 3 years ago
    That's a brilliant way to create a framework for GYROs. Simply lovely.
  • Nanodots - 3 years ago
    What are you using to brace and stabilize the pillars? We love the idea!
  • waynehjr1 - 3 years ago
    Actually...nothing but what the picture shows. :-) They actually stand up freely with no help at all. For some reason add the N52 1 1/8" flat ringed magnets, that are placed between each Gyro, does the trick. Not sure if I'd go any stronger than the N52 for fear it may have too much pull on the inner magnets & potentially crack the inner Gyro assembly.

    Not sure if it;s the strength of the flat ringed style magnets or the shape that allows them to balance out the build this, As these ar the only flat ringed magnets I

    I actually purchased these for another test with the gyros, that I haven't had a chance to get to yet, where these flat ringed magnets will potentially glide up & down on a non-magnetic(or magnetable) rod, such as aluminum etc. The goal is the position say 4 Gyros with a rod vertically in the center, upon which the flat ringed magnet can glide up & down on. Have the gyos maintain a repelling force to the bottom side of the ringed magnet, by possible using a ringed magnet on the opposite side of the gyro to ensure they all maintain that repelling force..xD.

    The goal is to see how long (if at all) dropping the ringed magnet down the rod & have it be repelled back up the rod and hopefully drop again in a sort of continuos motion. If it works a plastic mold could be made to surround the magnet such as a fireman or pole Sort of like Newton's Cradle, but vertically instead of horizontally...xD :-)
  • Nanodots - 3 years ago
    Amazing Wayne. I have to say, we're officially captivated by your vertical Newton's cradle mention. Keep us posted on your experiments!