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Contest entry for, 3D human face. I decided to create the entire head rather than just the face, as some people did, and mine is completely hollow. The walls are only 3 or 4 balls thick. Unfortunately I submitted 4 photos and they choose the worst one of them (the one I shouldn't have included) to be entered for the contest. Definitely a hard contest and some neat entries. good luck to all.


  • Ashley - 3 years ago
    Sometimes when I see your creations, I feel like Lucille from Arrested Development when she see's Gene Parmesan.

    Creativity to the max my friend.
  • tend2it - 3 years ago
    I agree with Ashley's last statement ... WOW ... this is truly inspiring in such a compact package ... the details are amazing as is the proportions and its hollow to boot ! ... one shot with the ear profile may me think Vulcan. The views really accentuate the design ... its really hard sometimes to pick the entry shot ... sometimes it warrants a collage to showcase the details and views. Yes, this competition was fun and challenging with some really cool entries ... best of luck to all as well.
  • waynehjr1 - 3 years ago
    GREAT JOB!! on this...I know the feeling of having the wrong image submitted into the contest :( the same happened to The one I wanted really displayed the human facial features perfect, such as cheek bones, jawline, eye sockets etc. I was depressed at first, but what can you

    I too was attempting a full head but ran out of ZEN magnets. I originally did do one full head with less details, then discovered a way to really show the facial features, but required a lot more

    The one I submitted was hollow as well. but missing the top part of the From the back it looked like the front part of a show cut off..xD

    Here is an image that displays what I needed to do to fish off the About 4-5 more sets would have done it..xD


    At the bottom of this page shows my 1st attempt with the full

    GOOD LUCK To ALL!! :)
  • Ashley - 3 years ago
    There will never be enough dots Wayne. No matter what I'm setting out to build, I always seem to run out. It's the nature of constructing :)
  • waynehjr1 - 3 years ago
    True! there will always be a need to want/need more magnets..xD :) BTW the above link didn't take so right click this image to view image of what the head would have looked

  • fayola - 3 years ago
    Very cool!