San Diego Comic Con Pixel Art Like

by: Ashley Follow

In honor of San Diego Comic Con, here's my SDCC logo in Nanodots pixel art.

This goes out to some of my favorite geeks including the League of Extraordinary Ladies and the crew from Crimson Vision Studios.


  • SoCalGal - 3 years ago
    Awesome job on this! Very cool.
  • Ashley - 3 years ago
    Thanks so much. This was a fun one!
  • tend2it - 3 years ago
    Super accurate and sweet !!! ... if you convert it from pixel to meet this month's Zen Magnets' contest criteria of 2/3rds touching the surface and 1/3 above for more depth, you should enter it into the mix and add to the variety. Plus it could score you some cash credits to the only US company still shipping/standing up against the CPSC.
  • tend2it - 3 years ago
    opps ... forgot the link ...
  • Ashley - 3 years ago
    Grrr just as the comic con doesn't last forever, neither did my creation. Totally got wrecked by an over eager fan haha.

    Link noted. Although I do have to say I don't agree with you completely Tend2it. There are many ways to stand up for your rights. That's merely one of them :) However, I too have the same gumption towards the situation. Life wouldn't be the same without building.
  • tend2it - 3 years ago
    "Although I do have to say I don't agree with you completely Tend2it."
    Sorry ... I wasn't trying to post a view ... I was stating a fact that all US/non-US magnet companies got voluntary recall/stop sales (within the US) orders from the CPSC or face legal actions ... this is the reason Buckyballs folded and NanoDots doesn't ship here anymore ... ZM is still hanging on and operating as long as they can before the hammer drops. Heard that Canada is following suit with the CPSC. So, stock up while you can. They can't force you to return them. They can try to stop the source, but creativity and builds will continue to flow.