The Ultimate Shape/Perfect Sphere with Tutorial Like

by: Balgore Follow

I know it's been done many times, but I wanted to make it because I think it is a really great shape! I added gold pentagons because my mandala zen set just wasn't quite enough to complete it. I think it adds a nice touch to it!

Made from 10 lines of 30 hexagons, and 1 line of 12 pentagons.
Make a top and bottom, then a middle consisting of 3 rows 20 long.


  • Ashley - 3 years ago
    This is a brilliant shape. It takes a lot of dots and concentration, but it's awesome. I'd really like to see what other things can be done with it, or with the subunits it takes to build it.
  • fayola - 3 years ago
    Mine is dual coloured too, because I the time I didn't have enough of one colour.