Mandala Tag technique (grid pattern tutorial) Like

by: Damian Follow

This began as a tutorial to make the previously posted 'Mandala', but that proved too confusing. It became a tutorial to make a grid pattern tutorial using the same techniques.
I didn't explain how to fold the chains of 3-triangles, but that is available in earlier youtubes

5 pointer

The technique can be used to make fashionable headwear

14 pointer


  • SoCalGal - 4 years ago
    Marvelous Mandala work. lol to the head wear!
  • Damian - 4 years ago
    socalgal, assoon as the videos start working again you'll have no reason not to make up coloured versions :-)
  • fayola - 3 years ago
    Luv the headwear and the tagging technique! Another great tutorial! Much Thanks!