Mandala Like

by: Damian Follow

A tutorial explaining the general technique used in this mandala is available in my next entry, 'mandala grid'
Mandal made using Tag Technique (which i have explained in another entry)


  • SoCalGal - 4 years ago
    Love these! They are all fabulous.
  • Damian - 4 years ago
    you should start making again lcg, and then make coloured ones :)
  • Ashley - 4 years ago
    Amazing and truly awe inspiring. Can you share the technique link in the comments here? I have a feeling you'll get a lot of clicks :)
  • DotDragon - 4 years ago
  • Damian - 4 years ago
    Ashley, it's a tag technique, but a variation on the two videos I've published about that. I have an unpublished similar one, but I'm thinking it might need a specific tutorial. Also the second half of the above video is blank, not because any thing is missing, but because i messed something up. I need to just cut it at the point at which it goes blank.
  • SoCalGal - 4 years ago
    Damian, I was thinking the same thing--these would look great in color. I'll need to check out the tag technique videos first for sure. --lcg
  • Balgore - 4 years ago
    Damn Damnian, you always make cool stuff lol. You see my Septagonal Sphere? Top that! ;) lol
  • Damian - 4 years ago
  • T1MS - 4 years ago
    Wow! Really cool
  • Ashley - 4 years ago
    Tutorials!! :)
  • Damian - 4 years ago
    Ashley, I'm workingonit! I'm working on it, but it is actuallyharder tomake than i anticipated. i've gone back a couple of times to shoot more footage, andnow I've decided to explain a simpler version first - stay tuned!