COLOR Wheels Like

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The large wheels use 432 (2 sets) to create each while the smaller wheels only use 216 dots (1 set).

The large wheels contain my newer magnets (with better quality) and each while the smallers wheels contain all the colors as well as my beginning sets. I had to use the smaller, as most of the old set only contains 216 (1 set) of each color.

I have also added 1 ring of each size of Zen magnets (which I finally kicked out the dough for the Mandala set and received them today...xD). I noticed there is a color difference between the normal nickel & silver to that of the Zen, essentially giving me 3 different colors. Not sure how noticeable it displays in the pictures, but the Zen seems to be a bit darker (or perhaps its that the reflectiveness is definitely more intense, stronger) in color compared to the Nickel (which is darker than the Silver).

Zen is displayed on the left & Nickel o the right,

Zen is displayed on the left & Nickel o the right,


  • Gustoph - 2 months 22 days ago
    Holy cow, how many sets of magnets do you have? Obviously they are not all the same brand... It's extremely cool that you have a Katamari (probably spelled wrong) which takes more magnets than most people own, just to make by itself... But in your picture there is also 18 rings, some are 2-set rings and the ones in the back are single-set rings, but beside that there's also a stack of hexagons about a mile high!! There's gotta be 10000 magnets in that photo! Pictures may be worth a thousand words... But those magnets have to be worth a fortune!!!
    Sweet collection my fellow magneteer! You've got me beat, but not for long!