Ye Ole Wishing Well Like

by: waynehjr1 Follow

Trying out a new technique for capturing my builds for show? It's kinda cool or at least different...xD lol

This may be able to be built with less dots as this base is solid. I had already had this base from a previous build and not 100% sure on the exact amount of dots contained in the base. From past experience the amount stated should be in the ballpark.


  • GalaxyTraveler - 4 years ago
    Looks like you have a Levitron Revolution, don't you? ;-) It's a pitty that it can't levitate such a weight of magnets, but maybe for some very small builds it could be a great way of presentation in videos, seeing your shapes floating? Nice with just the LEDs and mirror-surface as well of course!
  • waynehjr1 - 4 years ago
    LOL..yes I do :) It would be nice if it could levitate them, because once levitated it could also spin..xD. but I have hard enough time getting the globe or disc to lately o.O When I first got it I didn't even read the instructions just plugged it in took the globe messed around for like 30 seconds & Waalaa!!! it was floating and spinning :) after that I read the instructions and tried the disc couldn't do it. So tried the centering disc and rings and still no go so went back to the globe and couldn't get it either even with the centering ring.

    I blame the instructions...they just ruin everything ... did perfectly well before reading them...xD :) lol

    But like you said the mirror and lights do add some decent effect by themselves, I'm just trying to figure out something a could use for a backdrop or sorts maybe like a wrap around, ad have multiple scenes (perhaps a box type with an open front ? o.O..who knows). Then I could simply set it up on the desk when ready for pictures...:)

    Now that I have my new colors and this Levetron, I'm going to re-build that Hot Rod but with wider wheels and some modifications to the body. I have plenty of the golds/silvers/reds, balcks& yellows now 5 sets each(new ones) , before was limited to one set each, took all my black just on the 4