Colorful Lattice Ball - 4 layers of lattice Like

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Still in the works, going to see just how many layers I can add. I have 4 layers so far, not counting the center ball. Not sure if I can actually go much further if any though. Had a bit of a struggle manipulating this object around to place this last The legs/posts started caving in from the weight if shifted to fast o.O (might also have to do with building on this magneticable mat? causing it to stick to mat more as it gains weight on the 3 points of contact.

Here are some picture from earlier stages of the build.

Unknown amount of dots on this one, as it was made from the center of my large 30 sided star (a few creations/builds back. It is semi solid. I like tearing down a big creation/build slowly sometimes to see what else can be made from & waalaa...this came out...a Fancy Trinket/Jewelry Box...xD

Here are some experimental pictures in my quest to create some sort of stage to use to display/take pictures of my creations. This way I wouldn't have the same old background of my workspace as the backdrop for my pictures. just need to find some sort of enclosure that I can change the backdrop to suit the

Well`deep, be`deep, be~deep...that's all she wrote. This build ends at 4 layers of lattice..xD. As I attempted to simply slide it onto the mirrored stage, shown above. 2 legs/posts collapsed. I fixed them only to have 2 more and so on and so on etc,

This center is all that's left. The ball and 1st layer :)


  • Damian - 4 years ago
    these are wonderful! I'm surprised one of them didn't cause you to travel in time ( or did it?)
  • Drew - 4 years ago
    That's a psychedelic mind trip! I bet psychiatrist Humphry Osmond would approve.