white and black keys Like

by: poolshark Follow

Just messing around a bit. I wish I would've created and posted this for the ZenMagnets magnetic interpretation of a musical instrument contest. Oh well, still fun to share.


  • tend2it - 4 years ago
    Haha ... brilliant ... wanted to do this ... but don't have white ... where did you get the white color balls?
  • poolshark - 4 years ago
    actually I asked francognator the same question after I saw his stop motion color vid. He mentioned which is where I ordered them from and they seem to be of OK quality. I also found them on along with lots of other colors. HAPPY BALLIN'!
  • Ashley - 4 years ago
    Very cool. You could also use Silver if you don't have white :)
  • GalaxyTraveler - 4 years ago
    Nice work, I love pianos :)