Diagonal Cube Like

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I built this without making an octahedron or cube-octahedraon and then chopping. I had to deconstruct it to get the dot count. Great for those with a small set of dots.

Ok the video I posted is not mine but it demonstrates what was done on a way larger scale.

Ok so I the pieces I used are 1 - 4 sided hexagon with center dot, 2 - 2/6 triangle, 2 - 2/4 triangle, 2 - 2 sided hexagon with center, and 18 spare balls.

The trick is that once you place your first 2 /? triangle, then you will have to start adding single dots to the corners to finish it off and start off with hexagon with a side of even number of balls. In my case I used 4. Then triangles of +2/-2 till you get to the first 2/? and then after that it's 2/(?-2). But the video will show this.

I hope that makes sense.


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