NeoNono DecoCube Puzzles Like

by: fayola Follow

Here is a puzzle concept I came up and is a mix Nonograms (griddlers) and Origami. I will post the solution to this set once there have been a few attempts.
This one is geared to those that have a limited number of dots and limited colours. I only have the two colours shown in the image. But because they are hard to distinguish I decided to make the puzzles to show you the actual designs in a fun way.

Please let me know if you tried and like the puzzle (post your times if you want!) and if enough seem to like them I will make more!

I will also try to keep a leaderboard in the comments for those that posted their times (with pic of solutions).


  • t1m - 3 years ago
    Oh wow!! This is brilliant! :) You should submit this for the Nano dev program